Your Predictably Boring Agency

How can I say it subtly, “Your business is boring. BORING in big capital letters.”

When I compare you with your competition, your business is pretty much identical. It is an agonising, dull exercise in similarity.

Similar websites that say similar things (“we care, we go the extra mile, we provide value for money, we focus on the customer, we listen, blah, blah, blah…”) You employ similar people with similar qualifications for similar wages to work in similar-looking workplaces to do similar work at similar prices. Your work looks similar as do your empty claims to be award-winning or above-average. To be honest, it just looks beige… similar… predictable.

So, why do the sheep insist on following each other? Is it safety in numbers? Or is it a lack of creativity or ingenuity? Funny thing is, as a potential customer, you don’t really care. The whole thing is mildly depressing. And pretty irritating.

No-one in the industry disagrees with me. Every website makes outrageous claims, demonstrates some famous logos and offers a clutch of vague testimonials. And it seems that most websites just join the herd… baa… baa.

I do ask myself, “why are they all so similar?” Is it simply a lack of imagination? Is it to help the great websites to really stand out as unusual and refreshing? Or is there some league of agency owners who signed a secret pact that insists that all agency websites are nigh on identical?

All I know is that not all agencies are identical. And those that are not identical stand out above the mass. They demonstrate that they think and behave differently and they look more interesting.

So, why does everyone insist on reverting to “copy and paste” when it comes to pitching to clients? Isn’t it time to stand up and be counted for what you stand for?