Year-End Blues Or What!

The financial year-end is on its way and most people seem preoccupied either with sorting out all the year-end stuff or sorting budgets, plans and strategies for the next financial year. What a mess. As my grandmother would say, “Who’s minding the shop?”.

In my experience, there is a problem in most businesses. The problem is that they focus on the wrong things. All the year-end shenanigans are a real distraction from day-to-day and week-by-week business. In fact, the endless journal entries and re-arrangement and realignments of funds in and out of the business mess with people’s heads. You keep hearing people ask, “What is the final number? How much did we really make? How much will we be reporting?” Everyone knows that there is a bit of gamification going on.

Likewise, the new financial year chaos is even worse. Few companies have a plan in place and budgets agreed until well past the start of the financial year. Some don’t get budgets signed off till Q2. Mobdro App Download And then the ‘in-stone’ plans will probably get changed in Q3 in any case. This really is a farce.

Simplicity, clarity, and focus are required for both the year-end reviews and the new financial year previews.

The simple review/preview model enables you to focus on what matters. Too often the business of running the admin becomes more important than the business itself. This is madness. A system needs to be in place where you are clear about what you are trying to achieve and why and what the steps on the way will be.

Is it any wonder that businesses lose their way when they create cumbersome and clumsy methods of identifying goals and results?

It is with this in mind that the Check-in Strategy Journal was created to enable decision-makers to gain clarity about what really matters and about what delivers the biggest impact in the business. Identifying where you are going enables you to map out what needs to be done quarter by quarter, month by month, week by week and day by day.

The world is awash with time management systems. What’s required is a simple vehicle that enables you to map out the route from A to B and inform your decisions with clarity about the who, what, when, where, Mobdro on iPhone how and why of what you are doing. Simple as.

The Check-in Strategy Journal is being used in countless large and small organisations to help decision-makers to focus on what really matters and where the biggest impact will come from. The Journal is a springboard for debate and discussion as well as being used as a simple process around which much of the business metrics can hang.