What I am passionate about is getting more customers and more profit into your business. Showing your people how to take action that delivers results. That is what my presentations do.
–  Robert Craven

Robert has spent over 20 years exploring the question, “What makes the high performers different from the rest and how can we successfully apply this knowledge to other businesses?”

What the Google research into high-performing agencies reveals is a ‘secret sauce’ or formula that applies specifically to digital agencies but also into every type of business you come across! Robert’s ability to work deep and narrow or wide and broad is unique.

His work at Warwick Business School (and with Barclays), and then his research pieces ‘Mind the Gap’ and the ‘Magic Millionaire’ were synthesised in ‘Grow Your Service Firm, His digital-specific work (with Google Partners) is in his ‘Grow Your Digital Agency’ book. His latest book, ‘Check-in Journal’ is a handbook for designing and delivering results in your business and private life.

The start and finish point of most businesses is the customer. Robert shows his audiences how to win and keep them. He can talk about a whole series of inter-related subjects:

Digital Agency Keynotes:
What the Best do Differently – how to grow your digital agency
Grow Your Digital Agency – how to run and grow a profitable agency
Kick-Start Your Agency – 100 days to a leaner, fitter organisation
10 Things To Do In The Next 10 Days… – to increase agency sales, profit, cash & clients
Digital Agency Training Programs delivered in London, Bucharest, Kiev, Brussels, Dublin and Edinburgh:
Business Coaching and Rising Stars Programs
The Elevator Program
The Strategy Workout
Sales Masterclass
Mastermind Forum
Other Keynotes:
What we can learn from Google
Design and achieve remarkable results in our business and private life – no fluff!
Creating Fans: customers and the customer experience
Building and delivering a ‘Strategy that Works’
Making Marketing Work: winning and keeping customers
Growing your service firm
Recent titles include:
So Many Questions – commercialising the public sector
More Profit – how to significantly increase sales and profit
Kick-Start Your Business – 100 days to a leaner, fitter organisation
10 Things To Do In The Next Ten Days… – to increase sales, profit, cash & customers