Throw Away The Business Plan

OK, I exaggerate. Throw away the 250-page business plan.

Too often, too few people have any idea what the company business plan is about.

Actually, too often, too few people in the board have any idea of what the company business plan is about.

So, why not make it simple with my 5-pillar, one-page business plan.

The plan comprises three parts:

  1. The Vision* (blue-skies aspiration: “We want to be…”) and the Mission* (The numbers we want to hit are…”
  2. What are your Objectives*, say, 5 headings or columns.
  3. How you are going to do it, say 5 or 6 headings.

(* We all know different definitions of what can be weasel words – don’t worry if your definition is different from mine!)

Find out how to create a 5-pillar, one-page business plan over at GYDA Initiative.