The Strategy Workout – Get What You Want… out of your business

Robert Craven introduces The Strategy Workout.

“Robert and his colleagues at The Directors’ Centre work with ambitious directors of fast-growing businesses who feel that they could be doing even better.
As a keynote speaker his style is challenging, honest and goading; free of business school hyperbole he makes his audience think.
In this four minute clip Robert introduces the workshop‘Strategy Workout: Get More of What You Want from Your Business‘, in which you will create a 3 step, 3 year plan for you and your business that will get results.

“More importantly, the tools actually work to help create ‘sustainable business growth’. Businesses are able to measure and deliver on their roadmap… accountability gets built into a simple but effective board room process.”

The FT describes him as ‘the entrepreneurship guru’.
He is not full of theoretical rhetoric; he offers practical solutions – tangible business results.
Robert’s books Bright Marketing and Kick-Start Your Business are business best-sellers and have been acted upon by thousands of growing businesses.
His latest book is Grow Your Service Firm.”