The Madness Of Being An Over-Obsessive Agency Owner

“Is this normal?”, he asks me, “to spend so much time thinking about or doing work?”

He then goes on to explain why he asks…

“I am up at 6am because there are too many things spinning around my head.”

“The first thing I do when I wake is check my emails, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts, even though I know it’ll make no difference… but I just have to check before I have a shower… and after my shower… and with my breakfast… and first thing when I get to my desk.”

“I feel twitchy… most of the time… or totally exhausted mentally… so I drink coffee and coke… lots of both… oh and biscuits… and chocolate…”

“I am going to start going to the gym again… soon… but we are a bit too busy at the moment…”

“My partner complains that I am either exhausted or grumpy, which I deny, but I know that she is right but there’s nothing I can do about it right now…”

“I seem to be surrounded more and more by people that just don’t seem to be able to do as good a job as I can, so I’ll do stuff myself. Its quicker and easier to do it myself.”

“I am letting bits and bobs slip. Either they are slipping between the cracks or I am just forgetting to do them all. Just too much to do properly so something has to give.”

“I am finding myself making more and more excuses for being late or missing deadlines. I think I am getting away with it, but I am not sure.”

“If I can just work on Saturday and Sunday then I might be able to catch up.”

“My mobile is never out of my pocket or my hand… you never know… just in case… In fact, I will check it whenever I think no-one is looking: in a lift, in the loo, in the taxi, on the train… you never know…”

“I had to go to a dinner at some friends last night. My partner insisted. I fell asleep over the starter.”

“I have to do the extra hours because we are so busy at the moment.”

“Last month I had to do the extra hours because we were so quiet.”

“Next month I’ll need to put in some extra hours to catch up with what I’ve missed.”

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The Madness Of Being An Over-Obsessive Agency Owner