The future of digital – here comes 2017


Three key trends are making digital even more daunting as we approach 2017.


1)      Mobile ubiquity

People now spend more time on their phone than they do on their PC. 92% of people searching on their phone make a purchase within 24 hours. Yet just 1% of mobile sites have a good speed.

2)      Video

Not only do people now spend a lot of time looking at video but it is a very effective advertising medium. Only 20% of digital advertising dollars are spent on video yet the there is a 306% improvement in clickthrough over mobile.

3)      Chatbots and AI Assistants

The next wave of innovation is here: AI-assisted shopping is arriving. Big time.

I would argue that is the role of digital agencies to make sure that their clients are ready for the future of commerce. They need to make sure that their clients are ready and have mobile-friendly presence. Clients will need help optimising digital activities, tracking effectiveness and finding ways to improve. Finally, agencies can help their clients by keeping an eye on future trends.

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