The Fish Rots From The Head… and so does your business

The fish rots from the head is one of those over-used urban myths. I mean is there any scientific evidence to support the claim? It is also the title of a cracking book about the role of the board by Bob Garratt.

However, the sentiment is good. The business will reflect the quality of the board. The bottleneck is nearly always at the top.

I would like to argue that challenges and issues in the business are nearly always a consequence of what is going on at the top. Poor service standards are a result of having the wrong training and processes in place. Poor profitability is a result of applying the wrong marketing or pricing strategy. It is time to blame yourself.

Put another way, stop blaming your people and blame your own ability to lead. Your ability to be decisive. Your ability to be a role model.

Time to have a good hard look in the mirror.