The Biggest Trends of 2017 in Social Media for Business will be…

It is worth summarising Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes and his article “2017’s Biggest Social Media Trends for Business”. The original can be read here.

So, here are five big movements that promise to change Mobdro App Download how businesses use social media in 2017:

1. Paid social media becomes the new normal.

2. Employee advocacy on social media takes off.

3. The social media skills gap at work gets worse.

4. Executives finally get on social media.

5. Social selling and customer service become expected.

“The biggest trend for the year ahead: change. Platforms are poised to continue to evolve in accelerating, unexpected ways. The one constant that businesses can depend on is that Mobdro on iPhone social media itself isn’t going anywhere.”

He goes on to say, “As attention spans shrink, legacy media outlets splinter and traditional ads lose their mojo, social media is increasingly the one reliable place to reach consumers.”