Robert brought his unique agency experience and sector expertise to a complex series of inter-related issues we had been wrestling with. His deceptively simple approach to solving thorny issues and creating clarity is mixed with some straightforward honest talking.

Steve Hyde, Founder



It’s fair to say that joining Robert Craven’s agency growth program transformed the business. Robert provided clear and actionable prescriptions that we were able to implement quickly to dramatic effect.  The business impact in the last 12 months has been staggering.

Dave Dibble, Managing Director





Robert has given me and my agency an energetic boost and the tools to transfer the energy into a more structured and a more profitable agency.  In some areas we were operating in the dark, the coaching sessions created light in those dark areas: resulting in clear view in the areas where we were blind before.

Sam Dierckx, Managing Director




Robert is practical and he is the kind of person you want to surround yourself with. He’s honest and always ready to create value for his coachees. He’s not a smooth talking trainer with a lot of sales pep, and that really adds to his credibility.

Andy Coomans, NMG, Founder


The way that I have learned these lessons was perfect for me. I was very arrogant in how the business was run in the past but realising, through rational argument and processes, that I wasn’t the centre of the business has humbled me. That was the point where I was more able to work much more ON the business than IN the business with clear focus, which has resulted in incredible changes for the better. Both personally and professionally.

Chris Simmance, Founder






I now have the tools to succeed, whatever challenges the future holds for me. Without any doubt, the program with Robert, it’s been my best investment of time in the last three years.

Elena Dobre, Digital Marketing Strategist





Robert Craven wows, enthuses and educates audiences every time he takes the stage. We we delighted to have him do a keynote at the Professional Speaking Association in London as he shared great business insights, illustrated his points by juggling, knife wielding and telling captivating stories. I have seen Robert perform five times so far and always look forward to hearing him again.

Michael Dodd, President, Professional Speaking Association – London Region






“The UK’s Number One Business Speaker”


Robert brought his unique experience turning chaos to clarity in Craft Interactive management. I could genuinely say that meeting him was one the best things that happened to my professional life. His style to solving issues and creating clarity, mixed with straightforward honest talking it’s extremely inspiring, moving the business to higher level.

Liviu Florescu, Director

Craft Interactive