Stop Blogging and Think

It’s time to STOP BLOGGING and think…

Do you want your business to be viewed as a run-of-the-mill, unoriginal, vanilla-flavoured company like the rest? If so, just keep on banging out those quickly-written and, to be honest, shallow blog posts.

If you put out even more mediocre, average and truly uninsightful blog posts then you will simply be adding to the mass of mediocrity that clutters our inboxes.

  • Do you truly believe that your audience can differentiate your unremarkable and unmemorable little blog offerings from anyone else’s?
  • Do your “10 Tips…”, “What we can learn…”, and “How to…” type titles really make potential clients think, “Yes, I want to buy from them!”? I doubt it.

Why would they look at your sheer predictable averageness? More relevant, who does find those titles attractive? I doubt it will be the people you are trying to attract…


Before you send about yet another aimless blog, just stop and think about how you use social media and whether it creates a positive or negative impact in the mind of your clients.

Sort out your blogging strategy and goals  – think about the consequences of your actions – before hitting the send button