Profit Improvement Hacks

Robert’s seventh book, Grow Your Digital Agency will be released soon, in the meantime, here is a little taster of what to expect around FINANCE:

Here’s an example of a quick ‘n’ dirty plan adopted by a recent client (an agency employing 16 people) – this activity turned the business around.

It is a series of small changes which, when combined, has a massive impact. No one activity on its own would have a great impact but when put together you can see that there is a huge benefit to the business.

Here’s the first list:

  1. Increase pricesby 3%
  2. Decrease direct costsby 3%
  3. Increase number of leadsby 3%
  4. Increase quality of sales conversations by 3%
  5. Increase quality of proposalsby 3%
  6. Increase quality of closes/asking for the business by 3%
  7. Increase number of purchases by each customer by 3%
  8. Decrease overheads by 3%.

They used my special calculator/excel spreadsheet and saw that the impact of these calculations was massive. I do not exaggerate.

For instance, the basic changes suggested above take a £500,000 a year business from £50,000 net profit to £121,900, an increase of over 100%! And that’s before you adjust the figures for sacking under-performers or for the impact of sorting the cash-flow. (To be honest, these additional changes had not been put into the worksheets as they make the spreadsheet too complex – it would be easy for you to design a spreadsheet that reflects your specific business.)

And of course you would also want to do the following (which we have not included in the calculators):film Despicable Me 3

  1. Sort under-performing clients, products, suppliers, staff (sack 5%?)
  2. Pull in cash10 days faster.
  3. Spend cash10 days slower.

As I said, small changes but massive impact.


What are you going to do to improve the profitability and cash-flow of your business?

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