Operation Case Study – Part One

As the marketeers scream “We want more up-to-date and more relevant materials to use!” at me, I’m afraid that they are right.

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Operation Case Study

We’re intelligent people and can always create more interesting and better content. And that is my point really. Every year we run Operation Case Studies. It is a brilliant way to engage with current and recent clients and it is a great way to get up-to-date case study material.

All the content marketing experts/gurus vouch for the efficiency of case studies. A story is better than an elevator pitch. It shows real people with real problems getting real solutions. Case studies and stories are much stickier and more closely read. They give potential clients a handle on what and how and why you do what you do. So the next step, how do you write one? (Watch this space.)

Here are some examples. In different formats and on different platforms. Each style has advantages and disadvantages.

The problem, the solution and the results



Company history and interview

http://www.entrepreneurcountryglobal.com/zoo/item/how-did-charterhouse-auctions-grow-their-businesswatch full The Bye Bye Man movie online

Let me tell you a story



Three mini’s


The 60 second interview


And if you’re desperate for more, here is a link to a load of case studies and stories to inspire you:


If you are interested in starring in a Directors’ Centre case study then pick up the phone and let’s talk. We need a photo and a story and away we go!