My January 2022 Highlights

January and 2022 is here!


Here are the three BIG interviews this month:


Nigel Packer

Video – Using Small Data and Humans to Give Great Customer Experience with Nigel T Packer.

Your team make your business happen but without customers you will not have a business for long. This GYDA Talks will challenge your perceptions of your digital customers, helping you understand the digital journey and get ahead of your competitors through better customer experience.

CLICK HERE to watch.


Itai Sadan

Our Monthly Expert is Ital Sadan of Duda and he’s talking Marketing Digital Marketing Agencies.

Itai and I discuss:

  • Marketing Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Duda – the platform and tools
  • Who are the ‘agency’ clients?
  • Why agencies should differentiate
  • Why agencies should niche and how
  • Getting the infrastructure and processes in place
  • How to charge and why you should have a subscription system


CLICK HERE to watch.


Michael Tipper

Video – Productivity Masterclass with Michael Tipper.

Did you miss the live Productivity Masterclass with Michael Tipper? Check out the video recording now. This presentation will help you and your busy agency eliminate distractions, get laser-focused and achieve much more with just a handful of tiny tweaks to what you’re already doing.

CLICK HERE to watch.


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