March 2022 Best Bits

Here are my best bits from the last month:

Masterclass – Steve Hyde of Push on How and Why to Implement OKRs

I loved catching up with Steve, he’s top of his game and we all have a lot to learn from him.In this Masterclass, Steve takes you through how and why they have implemented OKRs, what you can learn from Push’s experience, plus his expert insight from building one of UK’s leading performance agencies.

Click Here to watch it.


Craig Rodney on How to Build Value in Preparation for Exit

Craig is our newest GYDA Consultant! Welcome to the team Craig! In this GYDA Talks, we spend an hour talking about how to build an agency in readiness for sale. The majority of agency owners want a valuable future exit, but a valuable exit is not the default destination for agencies, it requires highly specific focus and deliberate actions over a long period of time.

There’s some awesome insight here. Exit is Craig’s specialist subject, so he really knows what he’s talking about!

Click here to watch.


Building a Purpose Led Organisation with Nick Torday

Janusz talked to Nick Torday of Bower Collective and if you’re interested on being more purpose led this is the interview for you!

Nick’s background includes running a digital and technology consultancy that included clients like the UN, WWF and Amnesty International, helping to solve major global social and environmental issues. In 2019 he and his partner Marcus Hill, founded Bower Collective who aim to eliminate waste in the home through sustainable products.

Nick shares his story into how and why he left his agency to start a B-Corp and what others can learn from running purpose led businesses.


Watch the interview here.