Key Trends For Digital Agencies As We Approach 2018

These key trends are making digital even more daunting as we approach 2018.

1)     Mobile ubiquity

Mobile beats PC we know that, yet most sites aren’t quick enough or friendly enough.

2)     The duopoly of Google and Facebook

It seems there are only two serious players in the PPC market now – you know it and so do your clients. So, how will you manage that?

3)     The Amazon challenge

Clients also want a piece of the Amazon action, yet they may not realise the full implications of going down that route. How can you help and how can you monetise Amazon effectively for both you and your client?

4)     Video

Video is clearly touted as the next big thing (again), but most agencies struggle to see how it can work for their clients. Ignore it at your own peril.

5)     Chatbots and AI Assistants

The next wave of innovation is here: AI-assisted shopping is arriving. Big time. Like video, what are you going to do about that?

6)     Creative thinking

With millennials blocking ads left right and centre and dull text-led ads becoming part of our everyday noise, digital needs to up its creative game if it wants to achieve brand visibility.

For me 2018 is about agencies understanding and carving out their relationship with clients:

  • Are you a supplier or a partner?
  • Could you elevate your role to that of trusted advisor?
  • Are you a price taker or a price maker?
  • Are you able to understand and contribute to the client understanding of the context of what you do?

I would still argue that it is the role of digital agencies to make sure that their clients are ready for the future of commerce (not just e-commerce).

They need to make sure that their clients are ready and have a mobile-friendly presence. Clients will need help optimising digital activities, tracking effectiveness, and finding ways to improve.

Finally, agencies can help their clients by keeping an eye on future trends.