How to Work Without Losing Your Mind – Cate Sevilla

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Cate Sevilla. Cate is an author and journalist who has led and managed editorial teams for some of the world’s largest media and tech companies – including Google, BuzzFeed and Microsoft. She was a founding member of BuzzFeed UK and later became Editor-in-Chief at The Pool, at the helm when the company collapsed. Cate is the host of the careers podcast ‘The Heart Of It’, and her writing has appeared in The Independent, Stylist, The New Statesman and Business Insider. Her first book ‘How To Work Without Losing Your Mind’ is out now.

Robert and Cate discuss:

  • The background to the book
  • The key messages
  • How have we got here?
  • Is it just for women?
  • How to deal with the manager from hell
  • How to avoid burnout and protect your mental health
  • How to decide whether to quit your job
  • How to ditch the comparison culture, set boundaries and work out what you want from your career


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Click to read about Cate’s Book: How to Work Without Losing Your Mind