GYDA Member Hub


GYDA Member Hub


GYDA Member Hub is the newest membership platform from Robert Craven and GYDA Initiative. Member Hub integrates a private community of Digital Agency Leaders and GYDA Experts with on/offline resources that support you at every stage of your agency life cycle.


GYDA Member Hub includes:

• Digital Agency Leaders + Experts = Community

• Articles, Templates, Worksheets = Resource

• Unique Expert Interviews = Been there done it Experience

• Monthly Videos and Podcasts = Real World Knowledge

• Live and Interactive Q&A Seminars = Interaction/Collaboration


Access to GYDA Member Hub is via a monthly subscription that is fully flexible to fit with you and your business needs. Our weekly events and seminars are included with your membership and are only available to GYDA Member Hub members.


GYDA Member Hub Membership gives you…


Gained confidence to make tough decisions and choices that impact your life and your business.


Realisation and reassurance that you’re not alone. Sharing the journey with people that are on the same trajectory as you.


Accountability with your peers, business and industry experts to follow through on the plans that you have made.


How’s GYDA Member Hub different from GYDA Initiative?

GYDA Initiative is a specialist Digital Agency Growth Consultancy that works with agencies on a one-to-one basis.

GYDA Member Hub is a membership platform that connects Digital Agency Leaders and Experts through deep-dive content and events in a peer-to-peer community.

The big difference is that the content for the Hub is led by it’s members… you tell us what issues you are facing this month and we supply the tools and processes and insight to help you overcome them.


Here’s an example of a monthly issue of GYDA Member Hub content… exclusive to members:

  • Interview with Tom Peters – the management guru gives his advice to Agency Leaders
  • Articles from our experts – ‘How to find Niches’ and ’21 Actions you must have taken since March 2020′
  • Podcast – Tom Peters 46 Strategies for dealing with recession
  • Worksheet – Your Best Year Yet
  • Template – 60:6 a new business template
  • Book Review – 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall
  • Expert of the Month – Sammy Mansourpour – Agency UK
  • Video:COVID-19 – Have you got the potential to survive?


And our events:

  • Book Club – Grow Your Digital Agency with Robert Craven – Each week for Robert will take you through several of the book’s brief chapters in detail. Helping you understand the strategies and tactics that you need to employ to run your agency.
  • Lockdown Meetups – A mixture of Q&A and open and honest and frank discussion about how agencies are progressing in these difficult times. Hosted by Robert Craven and attended by Digital Agency Leaders from our network.
  • Q&A Seminar – Join Robert Craven and guests for the first live and interactive GYDA Member Hub Q&A session. Each month Robert will spend an hour answering your questions and discussing the topic points with the GYDA community.


What are you waiting for?