GYDA Initiative – June Content

As you know the GYDA Initiative is now the place to get all of your Digital Agency Growth Updates. Here’s a few of the latest pieces that aren’t to be missed!


VIDEO: GYDA Initiative Talks – Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett is a motivation expert, bestselling author, champion dressage rider and qualified ski instructor.

In this episode of GYDA Initiative Talks I tals to Sophie about her latest book ‘Find Your Flame. Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent’

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ARTICLE: The Future of SEO is… now?

Most articles about the future of SEO are technical. The latest zoo animal, AI and so on. Mine is not.

My approach is more broad brush, but the conclusions are just as relevant.

To start, what is holding most of our businesses back? It is a willingness to accept responsibility for our actions and their results. Most people seem happy to blame everything and everyone but themselves for their woes: Brexit, Trump, customers, competitors and so on… Bankers, consultants, Google, Amazon…

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ARTICLE: Agency Quotes: “We don’t do Business Development”

I pretty much spat my coffee across the room when I heard the immortal words, “We don’t do Bus Dev”.

I knew I was in front of one of two types of agency:

Either they were so brilliant that their work, track record, results and testimonials acted like an amazing client magnet.

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