GYDA Initiative – July Content

Here are a few of the best pieces from GYDA Initiative in July:

VIDEO: GYDA Initiative Talks – Alex Langshur

A podcast with the awesome Alex Langshur, founder and co-CEO of Cardinal Path, an award-winning consultancy that leverages data and advanced analytics.


ARTICLE: Can anyone be a Thought-Leader?

Thought-Leadership seems to the topic of the moment. Seems to make sense to become the go-to expert, the one that everyone refers to. So, what does it mean to be a thought-leader and how do you become one? Is it just about standing on stage and doing a few so-called keynotes? And how would that help your agency?

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ARTICLE: What the High-Performing Do Differently: the Secret Sauce

Over that five years we have been gathering benchmark data from digital agencies across a number of countries. It all follows a standard bell curve distribution. Loads in the middle, the rump, doing OK. Doing average. Most are just a  little bit unremarkable and, to be honest, struggling.

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