Google & Me: What is that all about?

I get asked a lot: What do you and The Directors’ Centre do and how do you work with Google Partners? As the start of another series of Google programs is imminent, I thought I’d answer the question…

Some five years ago I was involved in the creation of a business development program for digital agencies which has subsequently been rolled out across some 34 countries. This was an extension or a revision of the various pieces of work I had been doing at Cranfield and Warwick Business Schools with their various Accelerated/Business Growth Programs. The new program was all about the characteristics of high-performing agencies. Google Partners rolls out these programs as Google Partners Elevator, Google Partners Business Coaching and Google Partners Rising Stars Programs.

These initiatives work with digital agencies that are part of the Google Partners program. They focus on the non-technical aspects of growing an agency: strategy, marketing and teams as well as the more subtle subjects of pricing, negotiation and so on. They provide the missing link that many agencies were looking for: the knowledge and skills to grow the agency. A new Google Partners Elevator Program is being launched this quarter for agencies from the UK and the Netherlands.

This quarter sees the launch of a new Google Partners Elevator Program for agencies from the UK and the Netherlands. It also sees the launch of the Google Partners Agency Accelerator Program (Google Partners AAP) which is a new scaled program comprising a series of videos and webinars.

As with all my previous work, I have been focusing on identifying what the high-performers do differently from the ‘average’ firms, what the ‘average’ need to do and, most importantly, how to help and support them to move closer to the high-performers in terms of turnover and profits.

Robert Google

Robert @ Google

While I am no advocate of ‘silver bullets’ or ‘revolutionary secret steps to unlimited wealth’, we have witnessed that agencies that follow through on the programs’ ologies see remarkable uplift in performance, specifically in profitability.

The body of evidence grows as I have now run programs in the UK, Belgium and Romania and each cohort sees outstanding results in both hard and soft measures.

Alongside the business growth/coaching program, I have been invited to deliver a series of keynotes to the crème de la crème of agencies from Amsterdam to Athens, from Warsaw to New York, from San Diego to Singapore. Amazing conferences, amazing people and a remarkable commitment to growing the agencies and their clients.

Meanwhile, in 2015, we wrote and published the book, ‘Grow Your Digital Agency’, colloquially known as GYDA. Following on from the success of the book and the associated coaching and consulting, we launched the GYDA Initiative in July of this year, featuring.


The thread that runs through all this work is an obsession to help agency owners and directors to run the agency they want to run so that they can live the lives they really want to lead. It is as simple as that!

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