Getting Millennials Engaged.

While I do not wish to discuss what a millennial is or is not, I do wish to discuss how we engage and connect with the younger members of our team. Here’s a stunningly simple idea that will get them thinking beyond the party they are going to this weekend (I know, a sweeping generalisation, for which I apologise!).

Gather your team, all of them. Give them 30 minutes to write their CV of 10 years in the future. That’s right, get them to think ahead to 10 years hence…

What experience might they have under their belt?

What skills?

What specialisations?

Where might they have been?

What might they have seen?

How might they help their future employer?

What would they have been known for and recognised as?

A great exercise that gets them to reflect. It also helps you to help them to work towards that CV of the future…