Do You Trust Your Teams?

You’ve probably seen our teaser campaign (blatant plug: GYDA Initiative Launch). I’ll admit I’m a little on edge about the whole thing.

The conversation went:
Me: So we’re launching this amazing new product.
Marketing Team: Yep.
Me: But you don’t want to tell anyone what it is?
Marketing Team: Nope.
Me: So we’re not telling anyone until the launch?
Marketing Team: Exactly!
Me: So what can I tell people?
Marketing Team: That there’s a launch party. That they’re invited. That we are launching THE newest, bestest, most amazing, coolest digital agency resource the world has ever seen! The party’s in London! It’s at 6pm on the 9th July. It’s going to be EPIC! #GYDAinitiative
Me: Sigh, whilst thinking… ‘bloody marketing fools and their smiley-faced optimism. Why do they use so many exclamation marks? And why do they talk in hashtags?’


  • Do you trust your marketing team?
  • Should I trust mine? (I do).
  • Are you coming to our event?