Digital agencies need help marketing

Digital agencies are great at helping their clients to grow their businesses. But sometimes they need help to grow their own businesses. We see this in their approach to marketing. And to be fair, most agencies are highly skilled in running digital campaigns for clients rather than going through the process from first principles in their own businesses. A case of cobblers shoes or is it more than that?

For the sake of simplicity it is probably worth separating out the stages of marketing Mobdro App Download that they require some kind of assistance.

1) Enabling and Setting up the Marketing Program

Agencies need basic training in both sales and marketing management throughout those in the sales and marketing function. That should include sales, account management and technical training as well as basic strategic skills.

2) Acquiring clients

In order to acquire new clients you need to be able to have all the skills required to set up a customer acquisition program (including a compelling and competitive offer alongside the ability to nurture clients through engagement through the proposal, pricing, negotiations and closing stages.

3) Retaining clients

There will be customer churn; you need to minimise it by virtue of your systems and processes alongside Mobdro on iPhone your customer management skills. It is not enough to simply do a good job.

4) Grow your existing clients

Systematically you need to be able to cross-sell and upsell to your existing clients.

When you break down the stages of putting marketing in place you can see areas for improvement.

In our own practice, we have examined out current activity at each stage of the process and found numerous ways that we can improve the customer experience and hence our profitability. Our experience is that agencies (of whatever size) can find ways to improve their performance at each stage of the journey. So, we are not alone.