Differentiating your Agency

I talk a lot about differentiation and so I though I should present a list of ways you could differentiate, in no particular order, and based on a list from Hinge. So, here goes:

  1. Specialise in an industry: healthcare
  2. Specialise in a niche: dentists
  3. Specialise in a niche within a niche: cosmetic dentists
  4. Specialise in a particular service: performance PPC
  5. Specialise in a unique technology or process: Sitecore
  6. Specialise in a particular target customer for you: IT Director
  7. Specialise in a particular target audience for your client: Head Chefs
  8. Specialise in serving clients of a certain size: >£10m turnover
  9. Specialise in targeting a specific audience of a certain size for your clients: 5-50 staff
  10. Specialise in a shared cultural norm in the agency: everyone comes from outside the UK
  11. Specialise in clients that share a common characteristic: expatriate business owners
  12. Specialise in a specific business challenge: becoming GDPR compliant
  13. Specialise in a unique business model: payment by results only
  14. Specialise in a specific geography: within the M25
  15. Specialise in unique service level: Five Star hotel equivalent customer service for all clients
  16. Specialise in a unique set of clients: celebrity business owners
  17. Specialise in being a size of agency: the best 20-person agency
  18. Specialise in a relationship with a Mother ship: part of the ABC group of companies
  19. Focus on an achievement: winner of more awards than any other agency
  20. Specialise in producing a unique result: ROI of 100% guaranteed
  21. Specialise in offering money-back guarantees
  22. Specialise in being different from the competition: be the disruptor


Don’t differentiate unless it offers you a competitive advantage. However, when you differentiate your offer you will find it easier attract the customers you want to attract.