Case Studies: Professional Service Firms (PSFs)

Here’s an update of case studies and stories about professional service firms.


Making Things Worse – Customer Service In Cornwall – dreadful hotel service shoots itself in foot

Launching A Business With A Cause – chocolate manufacturers on the up

Madecasse Chocolate – continued

Even Great New Businesses Need Marketing – Real Business article

Watching Sales Increase By 150% – an accountant can do it then so can you

Care Home Case Study – doubling net profit in 18 months –

How To Compete With The Big Fish – Care Home – in Real Business

Increasing Accountant Sales By 32% – does what it says on the tin

Posh Furniture Sales Up 50% in a recession –

Health Product Distributor Case Study – in Real Business

Two Stories – web designer and graphic artist – one happy; one sad

Bold Pay What You Want Restaurant Experiment – blog

Turning The Corner Out Of The Recession – creatives heading for failure

Three Case Studies From The World of Masterminds

Accountants Update

Accountants don’t understand marketing – Daily Telegraph