Robert has written and co-written more than ten books on marketing and strategy.
Bright Marketing, Customer Is King and Kick-Start Your Business are all business best-sellers and have been acted upon by thousands of growing businesses. Sir Richard Branson wrote two of the forewords!


GYDA Initiative – Strategy Workbook

Running an agency is not easy. It is certainly not as easy as everyone makes out… or is it?

Taking you through a series of thought-provoking strategic exercises the GYDA Initiative – Strategy Workbook works to create a clearly defined strategy to take your digital agency to the next level.

The workbook is unique, it makes you address every aspect of your life… make plans for the business, for your professional career and for your private life.

The workbook has two parts. Part One takes you through a strategy workout and Part Two is a journal to hold you accountable to the goals you have set. Are you game?

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The Check-in Journal

The Check-in Journal lets you map out your strategy and plans in real time, on paper, and map out your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals and targets.

More importantly, it enables you to measure and monitor your results. It offers feedback, ideas and pointers to help you improve your performance. It becomes a fundamental part of the planning and setting up of each week, month and quarter. Essentially, it helps you to take control of your schedule.

The Check-in Journal will help you to:
1. Agree where you are now
2. Agree where you are going
3. Agree how you are going to get there
4. Take massive action
5. Be accountable for the execution and the results.

“…you will not only find this book ideal for keeping track of where you are going, you will find it broadening your understanding of what it is to be productive, organised and achieving your goals with full momentum and purpose.”– VQ Magazine, March 2017

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Grow Your Digital Agency

Free from business nonsense and to the point, this book offers you tools, tips and techniques to answer the basic questions:

• Where are you now?
• Where are you going?
• How are you going to get there?

Based on working with successful marketing and digital agencies, Grow Your Digital Agency gets to the heart of what it takes to create a sustainable and profitable digital agency. You will come away knowing how to:

• Create a profitable, deliverable strategy for the agency
• Identify and win better clients
• Lead the team you work with
• Run the business you’ve always wanted to run

“This book provides a framework for all agencies wanting to grow their business, in an easily digestible format.”– Raja Saggi, Head of B2B Marketing, Google UK


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Customer Is King

This practical hands-on book is for anyone running a business, or for professional marketers who have found that their methods don’t work anymore.

With the fast, proven techniques in this book, you look at your business through your customer’s eyes, understanding what they really want and, ultimately get them to buy more from you – and to buy again and again.

The case studies, checklists, worksheets and ‘frequently asked questions’ in the book give you a clearer understanding of what you are trying to do, and why and how you are going to do it.

‘In Customer Is King, Robert Craven says that your ‘whole business hinges on what your customer gets from you’. I agree wholeheartedly…’ Sir Richard Branson


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Download a free mini version of Customer is King here.

Grow Your Service Firm

Are you an ‘Independent Professional’ or ‘Professional Service Firm’?

Grow Your Service Firm shows you a simple way to improve your sales and profits; secure a reliable ‘sales funnel’ of leads coming to you rather than you seeking them out. This system avoids the miseries of futile cold calls and gets targets to start coming to you.


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Bright Marketing

Based on a series of award-winning workshops, Bright Marketing reveals that in a world where much is the same, your business needs to be a bit different in order to stand out from the crowd.

This revolutionary book shows you how you can apply simple, practical changes to your business to ensure its success!

This book will prove indispensable whatever your business size – whether you trade locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, Bright Marketing will provide you with the know-how in order to position your businesses leaps ahead of the competition.

“Unlike most business books, this one is a relatively quick and easy read… it synthesises what most academics manage to make complex into easily digestible chunks of learning… – Professor Malcolm McDonald


Price – £10.99


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Kick-Start Your Business

This book is aimed at helping owner-managers and business advisers to maximise business potential. The emphasis is on practicality.

You won’t find irrelevant management school theories here – just dozens of practical ways to turbocharge any business.

The case studies, worksheets and practical exercises in the book help you to take the pain out of business planning and increase your profitability. You’ll find out how to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and assess its potential. You’ll learn the secret obsessions of successful entrepreneurs.

‘Robert Craven’s Kick-Start Your Business covers an essential part of running a business… which will turn your business into a powerhouse by recovering some of the passion and nimbleness… to make your business more effective and more profitable… the business in question often needs a boost – a kick-start to greater success in the future.’ Sir Richard Branson


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Beat the Credit Crunch

The aim of this book is simple – to show you how to trade your way out of the credit crunch; to make money and get on with your life


Price – £10.00


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The Start Up Essays

A collection of practical blogs and articles that are especially relevant for the young start-up business…. Price – £10.00


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Other Book Contributions

• Business Gurus -3 chapters by Robert Craven • How To Communicate Successfully -by Christine Searancke – Foreword by Robert Craven • 20/20 Insight -by Rachel Thackeray – Series Editor: Robert Craven • Doing The Business -by David Hall – Series Editor: Robert Craven • The Bottom Line -by Paul Barrow – Series Editor: Robert Craven • Do Something Different -by Jurgen Wolf – Series Editor: Robert Craven • It’s Not About Size -by Paul Dickinson – Series Editor: Robert Craven • The Best Laid Plans -by Paul Barrow – Series Editor: Robert Craven • PR Power -by Amanda Barry – Series Editor: Robert Craven If you would like to speak to Robert with regards to any co-writing, please contact Tricia at