Book Review: ‘Power Up’ by Antoinette Dale Henderson

An immediate disclaimer – I am not part of the target audience for this book. However, I wanted to review it having worked with Antoinette.

Women and power is an on-point subject right now and as I have two daughters, I was keen to see what Antoinette said and how she added to the state of the debate.

Power Up is a refreshing addition.

To quote loosely from the book, change is not happening as fast as we might think: women still struggle to gain leadership roles in most industries.

A report published in July 2019 revealed that, despite government-backed initiatives, 14 companies in the FTSE 350 still have no women or just one on the board.

This book is about how women can harness their power, rather than having it engulf them. How they can become attuned to its presence, and gain confidence. A must-read, no matter your gender.

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