10 Things to do in the next 10 days

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Before I start, we need to get the difficult subject out of the way.


Is your business viable – short term and in the long run?


If it is not, then you may need a rethink of your time. Are you wasting your energy on a business that will never succeed, in which case its time to stop and do something new.


Is the problem cash or profit?


Phew, now that’s done, let’s crack on with the less depressing and slightly more interesting bit…10 things to do in the next 10 days.


Take some time with your best business partner, mentor or whoever can bounce ideas practically and implement the majority of the following:-


1. Put up prices by, say, 3%

2. Decrease direct costs by 3%

3. Unemploy your underperforming suppliers, customers and staff as appropriate

4. Rethink the way you present your business

5. Sort your proposition or offer

6. Get more leads, say, 10%

7. Get better at talking to people, asking for the business and closing the sale

8. Get customers to buy more, say, 3%

9. Get customers to buy more often, say, 3%

10. Stop them leaving – run a customer survey 

11. Collect money quicker, 10 days quicker

12. Write cheques slower, 10 days slower

13. While you are at it, decide on three things you can do right now…


… and which cost nothing, that you can do to blow away your existing customers and make them talk about you. Don’t procrastinate please. Take some time out, make the tough decisions and get on with it. Take massive action now.

Click here for the full article where I expand on all of these points.