During the COVID pandemic, Robert has continued to deliver workshops across the world. Online. As the opportunity to return to live in-person events opens up, we all need to be more responsive to the changing needs of our audiences. In terms of delivery style and format and as well as the messaging and takeaways. Robert is really looking forward to seeing people again. Live. In person.

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Robert’s ten books (two with forewords by Sir Richard Branson) are ‘practical, to the point and highly results-focused’.


Watch Robert in action and gain insight into his unique, practical approach on how to grow your business and agency.


Work with Robert to implement the processes, tools and techniques to run the business or agency you really want to run.

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Learn from those who have been-there-and-done-it to fast-track your own progress. Get greater understanding of your own agency by sharing your experience in a peer-to-peer group.

Learn more at http://www.gyda.co/what-is-a-mastermind

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I'm so excited to share our new GYDA intro video to you!

Check it out and learn all about how GYDA Peer-to-Peer Mastermind with myself and Janusz can help you grow your agency!

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Interested in Peer-to-Peer learning?

Join our LIVE Mastermind Taster Session in London on September 21st and experience how we do it at GYDA.


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