Stop Blogging and Think

If you wish to prove that your new business is just a run-of-the-mill and unoriginal, vanilla-flavoured company like the rest, just keep on banging out those quickly-written and to be honest, shallow blog posts. Every so-called social … [Read more...]

Work Less, Achieve More

For those of us who are not charging by the hour, then I would argue that it may well be more profitable to work less. I repeat… to work less. Less hours… less stress… less banging your head against a brick wall. I shall be more … [Read more...]

Unfreezing Declining Businesses

The principles of business growth are pretty straightforward. Find and fine-tune a formula that works, test that it can scale, and scale it. It all looks so simple when you put it on paper but the actual reality is something … [Read more...]

A Very Different Version of Success

When our fast-growth business is on a winning streak, life is great. When things go wrong then it doesn’t feel so great. There’s also another place we can end up. Partly as a result of the stress and partly as a result of a lack of … [Read more...]