My Creative Life

Interview with Bath Business News Name:                                  Robert Craven Job Title:                              Managing Director, Principal Consultant, Author Current Company:           The Directors’ Centre … [Read more...]

Not Enough Hours In The Day?

April 5, 2017 by Robert Craven “There are simply not enough hours in the day and that’s the end of it” the MD said to me. He meant it. You could see that he was exhausted, trying to do too much and ending up chasing his own tail. His … [Read more...]

Robert In Action

Robert continues to work hard as Google's go-to speaker on agency growth, running programmes on Brussels, Bucharest and London. Here are some great pictures from recent events: … [Read more...]

What Are You/We Selling?

Lesson 1 of any marketing programme is that we shouldn’t sell features and we should sell benefits instead. Let put this another way. I translate this focus on benefits to the word ‘afters’, first introduced to me by Andy Bounds. … [Read more...]

Objectives and Key Results

Let’s talk OKRs… one of those acronyms you either do or you don’t know. OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results. Used by the likes of Intel and Google, it is the practice of setting and communicating team and employee objectives and … [Read more...]

The Review/Preview Model

March 13, 2017 by Robert Craven Sat at the centre of any good planning toolkit is some kind of method to both review and preview events (aka the Review/Preview Model): reviewing the past and previewing the future. Such a model is all … [Read more...]

Year-End Blues Or What!

March 6, 2017 by Robert Craven The financial year-end is on its way and most people seem preoccupied either with sorting out all the year-end stuff or sorting budgets, plans and strategies for the next financial year. What a mess. As my … [Read more...]