Back To Basics Is Good Business

Complexity has become our enemy. Complexity coupled with the ridiculous levels of distraction that now exist make us exhausted and feel that we are not on top of our game. Often that is true: we make things too complicated and the vast … [Read more...]

What Are You/We Selling?

Lesson 1 of any marketing programme is that we shouldn’t sell features and we should sell benefits instead. Let put this another way. I translate this focus on benefits to the word ‘afters’, first introduced to me by Andy Bounds. … [Read more...]

Objectives and Key Results

Let’s talk OKRs… one of those acronyms you either do or you don’t know. OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results. Used by the likes of Intel and Google, it is the practice of setting and communicating team and employee objectives and … [Read more...]